What do we offer?

Marketing system

that creates a continuous stream of potential clients to your business

We analyze your business: product, website, clients, potential clients, competitors. We define advantages and unique value propositions. We create together with you and integrate a system of internet marketing to attract a continuous stream of potential clients in your business.

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Analysis of your business, product, niche and competitors
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Determining of your offer that will outstand the offers of competitors
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Creating of logo, offer, website and brand identity
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Choosing and launching of optimal selection of channels of promotion
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Our task is to create confidence in your potential customer’s mind that exactly you will solve his problem

DMYTRO KRAMARENKO, digital kaizen company

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Understanding the problem of yuor client
What is wrong with the client or his business, their pains, topical issues, that create reaction.
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Creation of values of your offer
How do your offer, vlaues of your product or services solve problems of your potential client?
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Understanding how to solve your client’s problem
Creation of understanding in your potential client's mind that exactly your offer will solve his problems.
How your site should look like — 0:30 min.
I want like this
We create a website for your customer
We know exactly what should be at your website

Gradual increasing of interest and trust to your company at your website is a key point to create understanding in your potential clients’ mind that your offer exactly fits his needs. Learn, what exactly needs to be at your website – schedule a free consultation

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We work hard in order to meet the expectations of our clients
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How does it work usually?
Business owners usually have websites

Most business owners and directors have websites, they ordered its creation from their familiar web developers. Information was added to websites by owners or according to advices of web developers.

We have a website, running in the internet. Nobody promotes it, no online advertising is launched. There are no applications from the website, or their number is not enough. Business owner or director think that new tools aren’t working. Nobody knows what’s wrong with the website, it still contains information about the company.

There’s a website. The most progressive workers of the company convinced the owner to launch online ads. The staff search and learn information in the internet and manage advertising campaign by their own. Eventually some customers visit the website, but still applications are not enough. Advertising doesn’t work properly and it is very expensive.

Business owners and directors are advertising using old tools. TV, radio. Clients come, but still orders are not enough. Websites are too expensive, promotion of websites and online advertising is far more expensive.

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How to change this situation?

We can help

We know exactly what information should be placed at website in order that your potential customer would place an application. We know exactly where and how we should advertise in order that it would be efficient and would cost not so expensive.
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    We wrap your product for your customer
    We clarify or create values of your product or a service according to the pains of your customers.
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    Maximum interest and trust
    We place blocks at your website, that increase interest to your product or a service, to you and your company.
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    We configure channels of your website promotion
    We show your ads to your potential customers that attract them to visit your website.
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Our customers testimonials

Представляем Вашему вниманию опыт наших клиентов при работе с нами
We deal with solar power stations, our product is expensive and complicated. Digital kaizen have built a website for us and configured an advertising campaign. They carified our unique values and now we distinguish from our competitors. Our investments were paid back, we get a large amount of applications from our website every month.
     by Dmitri Kolesnik Suchsna ebergiya company
We had a powerful start, digital kaizen have made a website and advertising for a few weeks. We started to get applications at once. Our workers were surprised, we had so much work before the high season has started. Afterwards we continued to work with them and have made some other websites for other offers.
     by Denis Bruzgin Steel Pro
Website and marketing system is in work for the second month. We are satisfied, everything is working properly, we have a payback. The guys are always available, help us much. Ivestments were almost paid back, now we have several huge project in work.
     by Alexander Levchenko ACT company